Assisted living is a key component to mental illness

Group homes for mentally ill adults can be sources of support and stability

Dealing with one’s mental illness alone can be a huge struggle for a person if not in the proper environment. Group Homes often provides tools and support for individuals who struggles with mental illness to the point where he/she has gone on to have healthy and productive lives such as obtaining jobs, training, taking their medication and knowing the importance of it. Find the Group Home that is right for that person who needs the support with the “Group Home app”




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The Group Home app helps beats mental illness

We Provide Following Features

The struggles of mental illness can be manageable with the
Proper resources and support.

Group Homes Locations

We provide Group Homes by desired location and needs, occupancy, facility type (age, men, women, co-Ed, Dual Diagnosis, etc)

Group Home Information

We provide information provided by the Group Home and connect you directly to the owner of the desired Group Home who will facilitate admission in their facility

Community Resources

We Provide other community resources such as food banks, payee services, RSS application, transportaion services, crises intervention information, outside community programs, free government phones.

Assisted living is essential to your mental health management.

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Being able to be enjoy life's relationships with not just others but being able to find self fulfillment with good mental health support systems.

Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It is often the final piece to the beginning of a healthy life.

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“Part of the proceeds for downloading the Group Home App will go towards fighting against Human Trafficking and fighting against illiteracy”

Stared in “Come talk to me Podcast Episode #25 “

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No matter if your a mental health specialist or a concerned family member, anyone can find Group homes or other resources in the community such as payee services, RSS applications, free government phones, food banks, etc. with the Group Home app. Download and make a difference today.

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